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Here’s the latest note to Peggy Grennan from Sr. Max:

December 2015

Dear Peggy,

Allow me to express our sincere gratitude for your generosity towards St. John Bosco Katende Primary School. Thank you for your love and concern. The funds totaling $7360.87 were wired to the school bank account. The infants are already benefiting from the first project. This 2nd phase will help us to install the solar system in the dormitories of the middle and upper primary boys and girls. They are over 350. They are 4 dormitories, the apartments of 4 staff members inclusive.

We are starting the installation work after Christmas. Our children are going to be safe, feel protected and secure during the rampart load shading. The School Management Committee, parents, parishioners and the Parish Priest are equally grateful for this great donation. We couldn’t afford getting this from the parents. I request you to convey our appreciation to the pupils and parents.

I wish you a Happy Christmas and Fruitful New Year.

With love and prayers.

Sr Max.


From Fr. Michael

Dear Friends in Christ,                                                            October 14, 2014

It’s a blessing for me once again to communicate with you as we inch closer to the end of the year. I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who has kept us safe and seen us through all the exciting and not-so exciting times. For me it’s been quite a year so far. As many of you know, I lost my dad on April 27th 2014. I am soon learning that life after the death of one of your parents is very challenging indeed. I used to go home expecting to see both parents sitting by their patio, not anymore; now only mom is seated there when I arrive. I can still detect quite a heavy heart and the pain of separation after losing her spouse whom she lived with for close to sixty years. I would be remiss if I did not express my heart-felt gratitude to the outpouring of love, support, and prayers that came from the good people of Omaha and USA in general. Your prayers have kept us as a family going and we couldn’t do without them. Dad was literally grandfather to many of the kids in our education fund as they would stay with him during their holidays. They were lucky to give him a good send-off as many were given special permission to come and attend his funeral. Kindly continue to send those prayers especially to my mother as she deals with the loss of her husband.

On a lighter note, our kids have continued to grow both in size and knowledge. They just returned to school after their short holiday for the third and final quarter of the year. I really believe that this is the holiday that most of them dread the most as they get to experience a good dose of farming with Fr. Michael Mukasa in the village. They did tremendous work despite the grumbling and resentment of farming as it has never been easy for most of us here in Africa given the rudimentary way that we do it with a hoe in hand. They were very happy to return to school! Some of them are now getting ready to sit for their national examinations and so please keep them in your prayers as these tests determine where they go in their future education.

I am also happy to inform you that Paul Matovu has successfully completed his college education with a few minor things on his research paper still remaining. He is already busy involved with a few Non-Governmental Organizations that are working to protect the environment. This fits in well with his major in Environmental science. He is quite promising indeed in that field. Already, he has teamed up with an organization that committed to planting trees in many grade schools all over the country and teaching pupils what it means to be responsible stewards of the environment in which we all live and draw our livelihoods.

There is a new entrant in college by the name of Jane Nalwanga!! She joined Makerere University, the biggest state university where Paul has been studying. She is hoping to major in business administration. Jane is so proud of being in college the very first in her family to go to college. I am especially proud of her because during her time of waiting before joining college, she was teaching in our village grade school in the spirit of pay-it-forward. She has done a tremendous job and learned many important life-lessons while doing that. The kids related with her very well and saw in her what they wish to be in the future. We wish her the best in her college experience.

Once again, I wish to extend my gratitude to you all for being important part of this noble mission of educating children here in Uganda. Thank you so much for the contributions, the prayers, and the letters from their mentors. The kids absolutely love those letters; there is such a joy and anticipation whenever I go there to pass those letters out. They assure me that you are near and dear to them and constantly remember you in their prayers as I always do the same.

December is almost here and I can’t wait to see you all, of course God willing. In the meantime, God’s blessings to you all and my heart goes out to all the dear ones that have lost their loved ones or who are dealing with sicknesses and other challenges. I remember especially Carl Smith and pray that God continues to heal him. Their family does such a wonderful job of sharing their blessings with the least advantaged. His brother was here in Uganda working hard with engineers without borders. Carl be strong, we are rooting for you here in Uganda.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Michael Mukasa


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Fr. Michael’s Children from paulasalhany on Vimeo.




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