All Saints Catholic School

Our parish is linked with All Saints Catholic School as our Sister School. Please take time to get acquainted!

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The All Saints Advantage

Located in the heart of Little Italy, just south of downtown Omaha, All Saints students embrace diversity and an environment in which each student’s heritage is celebrated and accepted

  • Integrated academic program that challenges students to reach their highest potential
  • Utilize current technology to prepare students for the world tomorrow
  • Enriched community and faith through the cooperation of east Omaha Catholic parishes
  • All day kindergarten and part-time preschool and pre-kindergarten program
  • 95% of All Saints graduates receive a high school diploma in four years.

Meet All Saints

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Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to get involved with All Saints Catholic School, just ask Colleen!

Be a classroom volunteer!

St. Margaret Mary School is blessed with so many parents able and willing to help ensure the success of the school. Let’s share our blessings with our sister school!

All Saints is in need of some assistance in their classrooms. Please CLICK HERE to see whether there’s a time available that fits your schedule. If so, please sign up to make a difference for the students at All Saints!

Here’s a quote from one who did:

“All Saints for me was really the experience that taught me what it meant to be privileged. Interacting with the kids who had completely disparate experiences from my own confronted me with the reality of my privilege. It was by interacting, connecting and forming relationships with these kids that made me fall in love with them and made me realize the power of relationships. All Saints made me realize that service was about relationships and by connecting with people we can begin to empathize with them, respect them, and see their inherent dignity as human beings. All Saints not only showed me that I was privileged but opened me up to the much greater question: How can I use my privilege to help and connect with others?”

– Josh Pazderka, while a Creighton Prep student in 2008.

Take 12 minutes to listen to Walter Paul, an alumnus of All Saints, as he speaks about and to his Generation Y about Social (Un)consciousness!

All Saints Mission

The mission of All Saints Catholic School is to create a safe learning environment for our culturally diverse students. We strive to meet Archdiocesan and Nebraska State Standards as determined by ongoing assessments. We commit to recognizing and nurturing individual academic abilities while supporting the intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of each student. Our goal is to guide our students toward fulfilling their God-given potential.

Strengthened by Catholic Education

All Saints students receive their Catholic education in the classroom and church. Priests visit the classroom each week to facilitate religious instruction as 95% of our student body is Catholic.

  • Students attend and participate in weekly Masses
  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation is received at regular intervals throughout the year
  • The seventh and eighth grade students prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • The second grade students prepare for the Sacraments of Penance and First Communion

Curriculum Focus

All Saints’ curriculum incorporates a strong reading and math emphasis, which is grounded by religious values. Preschool through eighth grade students are individually challenged based on their academic development and learning style.

  • Technology classes are taught at all grade levels in a state-of-the-art computer lab with Internet access
  • Our Guided Reading Program helps students develop reading strategies to advance within, and from, their current reading level
  • A comprehensive math curriculum is taught daily in all grades

Individualized Learning Environment

The academic needs of All Saints students are met through a small classroom and personalized teaching environment – while maintaining high academic standards.

  • Enrollment: 160 students
  • Average class size: 15
  • Full-time reading specialist
  • Professional staff
  • TeamMates Mentoring Program
  • Safe learning environment
  • Athletics program including basketball, volleyball, archery, and swimming