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Technology Curriculum and Programs

Our goal is to enhance the STEM and Writing Program with integration of technology as a tool rather than single subject. This approach makes learning relevant to both new technology and classroom content. Some highlights of the program include:

  • Two completely updated Apple Labs feature 33 desktop iMacs each;
  • Carts of iPads for classroom use;
  • Jr. High students use of Math and Science Classroom iPads;
  • Primary classrooms have 5 iPads each for use in Classroom Centers;
  • Library is Internet automated with 4 iMac Search Stations;
  • All classrooms outfitted with individual wireless access points for iPad classroom use creating a wireless school;
  • Many grades utilize textbooks accessible online;
  • Interactive White Boards for teacher and student use as well as projectors and many Apple TV’s;
  • Each teacher is provided with an Apple laptop and iPad;
  • Each classroom and lab has wall mounted speakers;
  • Introduction to Coding Skills grades K-8;
  • Robotics Program;
  • Keyboarding Curriculum;
  • Google Docs for students and Google Classroom for assignment submission grades;
  • Students learn and use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs as well as Kid Pix Deluxe;
  • Sycamore Education Software program provides both parent and students real-time grades, lunch menu, volunteer opportunities and weekly school news posts; and
  • Student accounts on IXL software program offer year-round Math and Language Arts enrichment.


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